BTKIT Dwarahat Result 2012 Announced : Download From Here

BTKIT Dwarahat Result 2012 For Even Semesters, Announced

lec resulthi friends, this news is for BTKIT Dwarahat students. The result for semester 2011-12 has been announced and you can download the BTKIT Dwarahat Result from below.

BTKIT Dwarahat Result For 2nd Year Students:

BTKIT Dwarahat result for even semesters is announced and you can download the result of 2nd year by clicking here.

For Other BTKIT Dwarahat students:

1st year,3rd year,4th year and MCA BTKIT Dwarahat students, you can download the result by clicking here.

Important NOTE:

Its a secret. my score is 80.4%.yahoooooo…i always wanted to touch the barrier of 80 and i did it. Wish me luck for next semsester

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