Apple iPad Mini Release, Specifications And Price

Hello folks, Apple iPad Mini is finally here. The long awaited Apple iPad Mini was unveiled yesterday in San Jose. It seems that the ideas for iPad Mini are inspired from both Apple iPad and iPhone 5. It has all the good features and the price in really amazing ($329) and I think anybody can afford it.

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The Apple iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch screen with 1024×768 pixels resolution and the width is almost 7.2mm. The full features and specifications of iPad Mini are below:


The Apple iPad Mini comes with a 7.9 inch screen which is smaller than the iPad3 but still it’s a good size. The display is crystal clear.

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apple ipad mini image

It has the dual core A5 chip for faster processing. It’s not powerful as A6 but still it has great processing power.


The Apple iPad Mini comes with a 5MP camera, which is capable of taking clear and bright images. I think its enough.

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Operating System:

The Apple iPad Mini is powered by the iOS 6, which is the latest OS from Apple.

Other options:

Apple iPad Mini has 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and 10 hours of battery life. The iPad Mini range starts with 16 GB memory options and the price of iPad Mini is starting from $329 and you can book it from friday.

So iPad Mini is ready to fulfill the needs of the users. What were you expecting with this product and do you think it’s good or were you expecting some more from Apple iPad Mini, share your views in the comments?

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